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Volume and Contents
     The Collections of the Official Publications Department are established on the basis of deposit receipts determined by the international organizations and the Bulgarian documents coming to the Library by virtue of the Law of Deposit.
     The total number by the end of 2002 is over 480 000 library units.
     Foreign official and government publications exceed 80 000. During the years the Library has been received over 500 titles of continuing publications of international organizations.
     The collection of the Official Publications Department contains varied documents: books, serials – magazines, annuals; business editions; CD-ROMs.
     The CD-ROM collection is of 700 CDs received by the UN and the specialized organizations in the system of the UN, the EU, the ESSO, NATO, the USA, etc.

     With the admission of Bulgaria to the UN on December 14, 1955 St. St. Cyril and Methodius National Library was declared a deposit library of the UN and of its specialized organizations. By virtue of that act, in 1956 began the formation of a collection of UN publications in some of the official languages of the organization fixed by the Library: English, Russian, French, and for publications of the specialized organizations – in the language, in which they print the most publications.
     A Decree of the Council of Ministers from 1972 set the task of the Library to create and maintain collection of official and government publications. It also marked the establishment of a separate department and of a specialized reading room 9 for Bulgarian and foreign official and government publications.
     Nearly 50 years the Library has received partial or complete deposit of the UN main bodies publications and publications of its specialized organizations.
     On the occasion of 51st anniversary of the UN in the end of 1996 the Department has been proclaimed as Informational component of the UN. (Protocol No 27 from a session of the Council of Ministers of April 25, 1996)
     In October 1998 the status of the Library as a deposit library of the UN was re-approved, under the regime of full deposit of UN main bodies publications.
     From the middle of 1950s began the receipt of European Economical Community publications.
     In the end of 2000 the Library was declared a European deposit library, under the regime of full deposit to the European Commission. The collection grew rapidly fed by a varied documental flow: books, serials, brochures, and microfiches, CD-ROMs. The major part of the sources is in English and a considerably smaller part is in French.
     The Library is a deposit library of:
          – The European Security and Safety Organization (ESSO) – since July 1998;
          – The World Trade Organization – since April 2002;
          The International Private Law Unification Institute – since November 2002.
     The department receives selected publications of:
          – The Council of Europe (CE);
          – The Economic Cooperation and Development Organization (ECDO);
          – The European Free Trade Organization (EFTO);
          – NATO;
          – The European Nuclear Research Commission (ENRC), etc.
     The Bulgarian official and government publications collection is vast, interesting and used by many readers.
     These documents include publications of ministries, committees and other authorities deposited in the Library, publications of the supreme bodies of social organizations and unions of artists, of centers and research institutes, instructions, statutes and organizational charts, reports, materials of governing bodies of political, professional, scientific and technical and sports organizations and unions, normative and production and instruction documents, manuals and instructions for obligatory productions and technological processes, for technical maintenance of machines, appliances and means of transport, means of transport time-tables, traffic regulations and instructions, program and systematic publications, reference and information publications.

     The foreign official publications collection consists of the following funds:
     UN and its specialized organizations publications:
           – Books;
           – Serials;
           – Brochures (kept for 1 year);
           – CD-ROMs.
     The acquisition, description and preservation of the UN and its specialized organizations publications collection are regulated by the instructions, regulations and requirements in force towards the UN deposit libraries system and towards the Library place therein.
     EU publications:
           – Books;
           – Serials;
           – CD-ROMs;
     Publications of other organizations.
     Official and government publications of separate states.
     The department collects very restrictively legislative, statistical and government publications of separate states. The official and government publications of Canada and the USA take the largest share.
     The Bulgarian official and government publications collection includes:
          – Bulgarian official publications collection;
          – Reference collection of:
               • Bibliographies of official and government publications;
               • Monographs;
               • Reference books.
          – Alphabetical catalogue of foreign official and government publications;
          – Systematic catalogue following the UN scheme;
          – The Department Reference books catalogue;
          – Official serials registration card index;
          – Annuals catalogue;
          – Bulgarian administration publications subject to group description catalogue. Cataloguing of the CD-ROMs collection is still in the beginning.

     Access to the collection is granted by Official Publications Department in Reading room 9.
     Official Publications Department working time is: Monday – Friday, 08:30 a.m. – 05:00 p.m.

Services rendered to readers:

1. Free use of Internet for search of documents and information on the sites of the international organizations;

2. All kinds of oral information correspondent to the Department contents and functions;

3. Search of factual information in the documental sources available in the collection and in the electronic resources available on the Internet;

4. Free access to databases with passwords:
     – EU legislation – CELEX;
     – United Nations Treaty Collections;

5. Free copies of international organizations documents from the Internet;

6. Documents and information to users from the whole country via the interlibrary loan system and checks on the phone;

Adequate divert of readers looking for documents and information, thanks to well-sustained contacts with structures (representative offices, institutions, information centers, etc.) in the system of international organizations in the country.




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