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Volume and Contents
      This is a unique collection for our country that contains over 4 000 volumes monographs and reference books, over 100 editions of special serials in the field of librarianship, bibliography, book studies and publishing, information science. There is also reports and statistic documentation from the regional libraries in Bulgaria, standards in librarianship and documents of international library organizations (IFLA etc.), from librarian forums and conferences, and reports on business-trips abroad of the employees of the Library.

     In 1957 a normative act was adopted about the tasks and the structure of the Library. According to it the Library was enabled to help methodically to different types of libraries in the country. A Methodology Consulting Office and a special reading room with literature over librarianship were organized for the implementation of those tasks. A current influx of publications from libraries and library institutions was ensured through the years, exchange, purchase and subscription consistently supplied books and serials. Famous Bulgarian library researchers and bibliographers as Sn. Tosheva, Zdr. Dafinov, Tzv. Mladenova, Zdr. Sirakova, V. Trenkov, Zdr. Oreshkova, Yu. Dimitrova have worked hard to form that collection.

     A system of catalogues and card indexes of the different type editions is supported and a special attention is paid to the systematical card index of the articles where all librarianship serials and part of the books are described analytically.

     The employees and scholars of the Library, lecturers from Library College and Library Departments and a lot of specialists in the mentioned field of research use the Collection. It is concentrated in Library Reading room � 7 that works with readers from Monday to Friday, from 10.00 a.m. to 05.00 p.m. The librarians in that reading room offer also coordination work, connected with consultative and expert help to the country libraries.