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Collections of Alexander Street Publisher

Border and Migration Studies Online
 The collection is built in cooperation with the National Archive of Great Britain. Exhibiting primary sources, archival documents, movies and maps related to significant border and migration problems of 19th and 20th century it aims to shed light on current events.Over 100 000 pages of text, 175 hours of video material and 1000 images reveal topics such as human trafficking, border disputes, illegal immigration, migration by sea, cross-border crime etc. with  a territorial scope including the USA, Mexico, Africa as well as Eastern Europe (incl. Bulgaria and the rest of the Balkan countries), Turkey, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Jordan, Palestine.

Twentieth Century Religious Thought. Vol. I: Christianity
The web site is devoted to Christianity and offers writings of influential theologians as well as of lesser known scientists specialized in the field. It comprises Biblical commentaries, exegetic literature, canonical and ecclesiastical law, catechism, religious education, confessional writings, philosophical texts, lectures. Created with the idea to serve as an important resource for scientific and research works the collection combines original materials with additional resources such as commentaries, text interpretations. These 150 000 pages of text provide an exceptional opportunity for users to reach out to the diverse ideas which formed the understanding of Christianity over time.

Twentieth Century Religious Thought. Vol. II: Islam
The collection includes information resources focusing on the topic of Islam from a theological as well as from a scientific perspective.

Social Theory
This is an interdisciplinary collection which finds application in areas such as politics, economics, history, philosophy, anthropology, religion and literature.

Access to scientific information in databases

St. St. Cyril and Methodius National Library provides access to the following:

East View
A full-text Russian online database “Library and Information Sciences” which includes 28 magazines. The universal librarianship database comprises the most important Russian language professional periodicals which offer contemporary information on library science theory and practice, scientific information, book science, archival science. Accessible since January 2017.

The Host provides access to 5 multidisciplinary and specialized databases with bibliographic and full-text information.

Emerald Fulltext is part of the databases offered by the renowned English-based Emerald Publishing focused on the fields of: business, management, marketing, library and information services. Collections grant access to full-text articles from peer reviewed journals (the so called peer reviewed publications).

Gale Virtual Reference Library
The National Library provides quick online access to the contents of several  authoritative electronic reference sources included in the Gale Virtual Reference Library. The list of reference books is focused on the fields of:

HISTORY – Encyclopedia of Modern Asia , 6v, 2003 ; Fashion, Costume, and Culture: Clothing, Headwear, Body Decorations, and Footwear through the Ages , 5v, 2004
SCIENCE – The Gale Encyclopedia of Science , 3rd ed., 6v, 2004
ART – International Dictionary of Films and Filmmakers , 4th ed., 4v, 2001
LITERATURE – Reference Guide to World Literature , 3rd ed., 2v, 2003
BIOGRAPHIES – UXL Encyclopedia of World Biography , 10v, 2003
EDUCATION – World Education Encyclopedia , 2nd ed., 3v, 2002
SOCIAL SCIENCES – Encyclopedia of Sociology , 2nd ed., 5v, 2001 ; International Dictionary of Psychoanalysis , 3v, 2005/

Gale Virtual Reference Library provides unique combination of contents and information possibilities. The electronic format of books enables search through various access points within the complete collection or in a specific reference book. Articles can be stored, printed or emailed. An inbuilt Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary is available.

National Licenses for Access to Scientific Information Granted by the Ministry of Education and Science

A full-text database with scholarly publications from over 200 journals in the fields of natural, medical and biological sciences, social and humanitarian sciences.

A bibliographic database for publications from over 16 000 journals, 23 million patents and over 430 million web resources in the fields of biological, medical, social and other sciences. Provides possibilities for bibliometric analysis and citation searches.

ISI Web of Knowledge
An information platform providing access to different databases in the fields of natural, social sciences, art and humanities. Additionally provides patent information as well as data for infometric and science metric analysis.

Since the beginning of 2013 as part of Web of Science platform the Library can access citations in books –  Book Citation Index– Science (2005-present) ; Book Citation Index– Social Sciences & Humanities (2005-present).


Access to databases is available to registered readers and granted on the territory of the library.

For additional information: Bibliographic and information services, room nr 64

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