Reader Registration

The use of library materials takes place after the presentation of a valid reader card.
The readers’ cards are:

  • permanent cards – they are issued for a period of one year and shall be renewed annually
  • Monthly cards
  • Weekly cards
  • Daily cards

In order to obtain a library card you will need the following:

  • To present an identity document;
  • To pay a fee according to a services price list as approved by the Director of the National Library

The terms for obtaining a reader card are specified in the Consumer Services Rules of the National Library.

The registration of the readers and the issuance of readers’ cards is made at the registration desk.


Use of library materials at the library

The use of library materials is limited to the reading rooms of the library upon presentation of a reader card to the library attendant at the entrance desk and upon receipt of a seat number from the cloakroom.

The library has the following reading rooms:

No 1 Manuscripts and archival materials, photos and old-printed publications – 2nd floor

No 3 Universal bibliographic publications and general reference books – 1st floor

No 4 Science Reading Room for Social Sciences – 1st floor

No 5 /6 Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Technical Sciences and Medicine and Biological Sciences and Agricultural Sciences – 1st floor

No 7 Library Studies, bibliography, book science and scientific information – 2nd floor

No 8 Graphic and cartographic materials – 1st floor

No 9 Official editions – 2nd floor

No 10 Music publications and sound recordings

The rules for requesting library materials, their use, the obligations and responsibilities of the readers can be found in the relevant sections of the Library Rules and Regulations of the National Library.


Use of Internet

Every registered reader of the National Library is entitled to free use of the Internet.
The computers are available to readers in the reading rooms and behind the lending desk.

The use of the Internet is for educational and scientific purposes only.

The terms of use of the Internet can be found in the Library Rules and Regulations of the National Library, Appendix 4.


Reference and information services

  • They provide factualand background information, addresses, bibliographic data, etc.
  • Telephone reference service
  • Responding to letters via postal mail and e-mail
  • Finding legal reference material on Bulgarian and foreign legislation
  • Consultations
  • Thematic, bibliographical and full-text references via printed reference books and electronic resources – bibliographic, reference, full-text databases
  • Documentation packages
  • Bibliographic search and electronic delivery of documents
  • Bibliographic directories
  • Newsletters
  • Bulgaria in foreign literature (Bulgarica)

Requests are submitted by completing a special form.

You can also use the archive of the written bibliographic references prepared in the last five years.

The payment is based on the approved price list for the National Library services.
For more information please contact:
Tel. 843 24 21; 9183, extension 113, 114, 115;


Legal and economic information

Tel.9183, extension 223
Bulgaria in foreign literature (Bulgarica)

Tel.9183, extension 223


Interlibrary Loan

The St. St. Cyril and Methodius National Library is a national centre of interlibrary lending services with leading positions in the field, defined in the Guidelines for Interlibrary Loan in Bulgaria. Every library that uses interlibrary loan is obliged to comply with the requirements of these guidelines.
The interlibrary loan was created to meet the needs of the readers of books, held in the library collections in other towns and cities in the country, necessary for managerial and production activities, research and teaching, education, professional training and qualification. Books, missing in the collections of the local libraries, are sent for temporary use via interlibrary lending to them by other libraries, possessing the searched items.
The interlibrary loan requests are made by using the standard request form or by e-mail. The requests are fulfilled or resend to other libraries (if the library doesn’t have the requested book in its collections) on the day of receipt. The lending period for the book is 1 month, with the loan period being shortened or extended at the discretion of the Head of the Department. Requests for xerox copies are fulfilled in 7days, and for photocopies and microcopy – 10 days. All kinds of literature can be sent via the interlibrary loan, observing the Ordinance on the Preservation and Protection of Library Collections including books from the special collections, if a permission is given. The cost of sending the materials is borne by the library that made the request. The international interlibrary loan is done under the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) rules. Requests of our registered readers and of libraries in Sofia and in the country are fulfilled. An obligatory condition for sending a request abroad is to verify that the item is not available in the country. All costs associated with these requests are borne by the users of the borrowed books.

For more information please contact:
Tel. 02/9183 223


How to make a Xerox copy

  1. Any reader can order a Xerox copy of library materials.
  2. The library materials for copying are requested by the readers according to the established library rules. The desk assistant in the reading room writes down in the reader request form the number of books the reader wants to copy. The copy centre staff make copies based on the information inserted in the reader request form.
  3. It is possible also to copy parts of books supplied by the interlibrary loan service. Copying is done according to the established rules for photocopying library materials.
  4. Library materials that have undergone chemical treatment are not copied.
  5. The prices for copying services are specified in the Price List for the services, provided by the National Library.

Business hours: On weekdays, photocopying requests are processed from 10.00 to 17.45, and on Saturdays from 11.00 to 16.15.