Assessment of rare and valuable documents

Expert assessment of manuscripts, documents, old-printed, rare and valuable books and photographs:

  • Defining Author and Title – BGN 2,50 / 5,00 BGN
  • Dating of documents – BGN 2,50 / 5,00 BGN
  • Information about the history of the monument – BGN 2,50 / 5,0
  • Other data – BGN 2,50 / 4,00

Note: It is a prerequisite for the work of the National Library to photograph the first and last page of the material submitted for expert assessment in view of the future work of library specialists.

The expert evaluation can also be carried out in exchange for providing a microfilm copy of the written monument to the library collections. When materials require sophisticated expertise, the cost of expert evaluation shall be doubled.

When manuscripts and particularly valuable books are made available for publication, the price is determined on a case-by-case basis.

Conservation and restoration

Activities and services provided by the Restoration Centre:

Conservation and restoration of documents and books on paper

Upon submission of a document for conservation and restoration, an expert assessment of its condition shall be performed prior to its treatment, along with a written record and photo documentation. Through these activities the status and appearance of the document or book are established before the restoration and the necessary treatments and special materials to be used are determined. In some cases, it is necessary to remove old restoration made with unstable materials or harmful adhesives. If the document is duplicated with unstable or unsuitable material the experts could proceed to the removal and replacement of the base.

Paper document restoration and conservation may include:

  • surface cleaning;
  • cleaning with organic solvents;
  • removal of adhesive tape;
  • water treatment to reduce acidity, dirt and water stains;
  • deacidification (neutralization to prevent acidic damage);
  • repairing the cracks and tears of the paper base;
  • stabilizing fragile papers by duplicating with Japanese paper;
  • restoration of missing parts of the paper base
  • stabilization of the binding when the book block is not detached from the binding
  • making a new binding and rebinding
  • making protective folders or boxes (if necessary)

Methodological assistance to cultural institutions on issues related to the preservation, conservation and restoration of paper collections. Expert assessment of the state of books and archival collections in cases of emergencies and recommendations for action

For more information please contact:

Assoc. Prof. Ivaila Bogdanova

Address: Sofia 1037, 88 Vasil Levski Blvd.
“St. St. Cyril and Methodius” National Library
Tel.: + 359 2 9183 179

Price of services: See the Price list of Services at the National Library

Publishing and printing services

The beginning of this type of services was set in 1954, when a small departmental printing works and a book bindery were set up in the building of the National Library. Today, the offset printing facilities ensure printing of all the publications of the library. The printing facilities have a capacity that allows to executing orders for companies and individuals. The Publishing Department of the National Library and the printing facilities ensure complete publishing and printing process.

For inquiries and orders:
Tel. 02 846 70 01; 91 83 220